Please Take Care of The Environment

Kimberly Rodriguez Carrillo

I will be telling you why it is necessary to take care of the environment. We need to take care of it because it causes harm for us humans and animals as well. It’s dirty and causes bad things around the air. For example when you breathe it can go in through your mouth or nose and can cause you to get sick.

One thing you can do is recycle. Anything you see that is recycling worthy just throw it in a recycling bin. It will help to remake stuff instead of using new stuff and wasting it. Don’t throw bottles away, recycle them. You can also win money from that so it can benefit in many different ways.

Another thing you can do is throw away trash in the trash can. Many people just throw away things in the floor and don’t think anything of it. Things like that can cause bad air pollution. It’s not hard to throw trash away so people should just do it to help us and the environment. It would also be good to prevent breathing problems.

Something you can also do is use metal straws. Metal straws will help a lot more. It causes harm to sea animals. It can make them choke of the plastic or get stuck on them. We need all these animals to make life better. It is best to prevent it then making them non existant.

Lastly, you can turn off water when you’re not using it. Sometimes people just have it on and it’s just a waste. We barley have any water and people just let it go to waste.

These are ways you can help the environment.