Should College Student Athletes be Paid?

Brandon Roberts

It is every athlete’s dream to go to college and play their respected sport. Every athlete wants to go to college, it’s a big step to making it to the next level of pro competition. But there is a sad reality of going to college, for all the time and effort you put in. rather that be school or in practices you don’t get paid a single cent. 
College athletes have the busiest schedule, most athletes consider it a full time job but without a buck to their name. They work 24 hours straight with school and practices and games. There is a big reason why these athletes should get paid because of their families, the majority of football and basketball players in college come from a poverty and high crime stricken environment it’s important to remember when they go off to college their family members aren’t getting paid. But student athletes do have a full ride scholarship which includes tuition, books, fees, room and board, and meals but for some athletes that’s not enough.
There are major rules you have to follow to be a college athlete if you disobey these rules the outcome is a lost scholarship. These big rules are visa issues for international students, failed drug tests, dropping below required course hours sexual assault, drinking on campus, posting inappropriate pictures on social media, or setting your school up on fire or or accepting money from boosters and alumni etc. Famous youtuber former UCF kicker Donald Delahaye aka destroying got his scholarship revoked for making YouTube videos he had to make a choice to delete his YouTube channel take back his scholarship or take away his scholarship and keep his channel. These are the rules you have to follow you to keep your scholarship. The College athletics program is asking for a lot, what I mean is you have a lot of temptation in college to break some of these rules, and if you go to college far away from your hometown the stress and the temptation can really get to you. This is more of a reason why these athletes should be paid.
You’re wondering why these college athletes don’t get paid, it’s because the university can’t afford it. Sports like basketball and football are the only sports that have revenues that outweigh their expensive. With all the training facilities and the plane rides the bus rides and plus there full ride scholarship they can’t afford it. Many small colleges can’t afford to pay their athletes that’s a problem for some big time school. Another reason why college athletes should not get paid is because if the NCAA were to pay college athletes based on the revenue that they generate it would create inequality for all sports. But this all comes down to the skills of the athlete and their popularity and how much revenue there generating in their respected sport. This is a reason why they should not get paid.
It’s hard to say if they get paid or not if student athletes do receive money the athletic program loses a lot of money itself. I think the NCAA should let student athletes get a part time job if the athlete is concerned about money the NCAA should let them work for actuality the NCAA for not paying there student athletes its technically slavery but they wont call it that. But if I was a collage athlete i would like to get paid if that means the program would lose a lot of money id rather not get paid.