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Harsh Words
Iliana Barreto September 21, 2021

 People are dumb. That's just a fact of society. We're so quick to believe the next big rumor and forget all logic and context clues that are learned in elementary school. Simple rule following is thrown...

A Post Covid World
May 10, 2021
Sabine Clough, Staff Writer • September 21, 2021

America is a country that stands for liberty and freedom. American citizens are granted freedoms such as political and religious freedom, freedom of speech, and many other freedoms. However, a certain...

A Chat about Mental Health Awareness Month
A Chat about Mental Health Awareness Month
Madison Dingee June 3, 2021

May is coming to a close which means the end of Mental Health Awareness Month so I hope we all did a bit of self-reflecting and loving rather than loathing. But again, I wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling...

Influencer Fashion
Jolie Wyatt September 21, 2021

There is quite a mix of fashion on campus from eclectic to basic, to boho and indie, you experience it all. You can see all style categories...

Dear BHS
Anonymous May 24, 2021

Dear BHS, Bye. Sincerely, A senior who has undergone senioritis, quarantine, much stress and anxiety, an abundance of books, loss of sleep, a stolen phone, less and less...

I Hate You
May 20, 2021
The Hero and Dagger
The Hero and Dagger
May 10, 2021
My Love
"My Love"
May 6, 2021
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Driller Dining: Albondigas
Driller Dining: Albondigas
Mr. Espain October 19, 2020

This recipe comes from my mom, Rosa. She was gracious enough to offer her secret recipe for Albondigas, the perfect hot meal for cooler temperatures.... ALBONDIGAS By...

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