The Future of VR

Maddie Brand

A Lot of people like to speculate over what the tech in the future might look like. Even back in the day people used to talk about “phones without cords” or “phones where you can physically see the person you are talking to” which turned out to be true. Of course not everything was reality. I’m sure millions of people thought we’d have flying cars and robots by now. A technology field that I follow regularly is the gaming industry not only because I’m a fan but more so I love the experiences that it can bring me and VR is something that I’m heavily involved in watching. There is a real possibility we will get something we would only see in Science fiction movies or in books in the VR industry.

One great example of this technology is the new idea that Valve co-founder and president Gabe Newell has been researching. Brain interfaces, where you will be neurologically connected to a machine and put into a new world used for gaming. Gabe Newell has been putting a lot into the development of VR and the market itself even trying to further it with pushing games like 2020’s Half-Life Alyx which pushed the boundaries of what VR gaming could be and made a full length extremely high quality game for the technology. Some of Gabe’s plans sound straight out of science fiction. In an interview about the tech he stated “At its most basic, this could allow software to understand whether a player is enjoying a game, and adjust the experience accordingly. For example, games could turn up the difficulty if they sense a player is getting bored. But Newell’s more ambitious ideas involve actually writing signals to people’s brains, rather than just reading them.”. This really gives you an insight of what is possible and it’s so exciting to hear about.

There are people who are scared of this furthering of technology but I find it really amazing and interesting. Seeing how we are slowly crawling closer to a cyberpunk future with
technology is something that makes me excited. Knowing this is the stuff they are looking into now that I’m only 19 is almost crazy. I often think about how when I was growing up video games were pixels moving on a screen and something like well rendered environments were revolutionary. Now we are talking about connecting our brains to computers to play video games. It really gives me hope for the future of technology and I can only imagine when I’m 50-60 how far we will be in 20 years. We have made so much progress. How much can we make in 40 years?