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Preferred Names and Pronouns

Names that are given to us at birth have a cultural significance, personal or familial connection. It also holds the place we take in this world but for the same reasons there are people who prefer a different name to be referred to as. Pronouns are another way we use to identify ourselves and others around us. It can be people from the lgbtq+ community but they don’t have to be part of the community in order to prefer a name or any pronouns because it could be anyone. Most people are too stereotypical that based on your appearance they would start assuming who you are, what you like or anything specific about you as a person. We must respect others’ decisions and learn to accept them for who they are. As kids we learned that everyone is different, that it shouldn’t matter how they’re different.

Another rule that mostly everyone knows would be, “Treat everyone the way you want to be treated” which is known as the golden rule. Why would the same people who say that try justifying their actions when it comes to someone’s decision in their personal life? Situations like this wouldn’t happen if they were to just follow the simple rule we all learned at a young age. Everyone would be content with their life decisions but humans aren’t perfect. There are many problems we have caused since the beginning of time, there was been war with one another, discrimination, lack or respect and so much more. It’s so bad that any crime that happens makes people unfazed since it goes on everyday.

Actions small like this can turn into something more serious. There have been many cases where people who were taught that certain people are wrong and should be corrected, stopped being like that because they grew up more than who said that. Respecting others’ pronouns and names is the most important yet easiest task anyone can do. Not doing so can make the person feel less about themselves, which can most definitely affect their mental health. There has been cases where some people have committed suicide due to that lack of acceptance or respect. Which is why everyone should always think about their actions and morals.

Others may not want to change their actions but maybe someone can make a difference towards that person.

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