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Top Movies of 2022 (so far)

Black adam: A corrupted ancient Egyptian predecessor of Captain marvel. Fighting his way
through the time changes, challenging captain marvel and his family associates. Becoming an
antihero with the attempt of clearing his name.

Smile: Witnessing a traumatic incident that involved a patient, a doctor begins to experience
events that can’t be explained. In order to overcome this new reality she must confront her past in
order to survive.

Amsterdam: No details

Strange world: An entire family needs to get past their differences to save a “Strange World” full
of dangerous and surprising things on their path.

Prey for the devil: Sister ann believes in answering a call to be the first female exorcist. But
unknowingly knowing who or what called her. Ann later seeks out an exorcism school that had
been reopened by a catholic church. Where they have only trained priests in the Rite of exorcism.
A professor recognizes these gifts sister ann contains agreeing to train her. Sister Ann finds
herself in the battle of a young girl’s soul, where she believes it’s the same demon that tormented
her own mother before. A tenacious grip of rooting the evil out but later soon realizes that the
devil has her exactly where he wants her.

Dangerous game The Legacy murder: A family reuninion in a mansion takes in the turn where
they are trapped inside and are forced into playing a survival game where only one will make it
out alive.

Halloween ends: 4 years later after the last occurrence of halloween kills. Laurie has been living
with her granddaughter, finishing her memoir. Michael Myers hasn’t been seen since, laurie after
allowing Michael to determine and drive her to reality. She’s decided to liberate herself from all
the fear and rage to embrace her life. Corey Cunningham is accused of killing a boy while
babysitting. It then fires a cascade of violence and trauma that forces Laurie to finally confront
all the feats she can no longer control.

Among the living :Being stranded and the aftermath of deadly bloodthirst beings, they have to
survive that great threat. Harry the older brother must protect his younger sister while looking for
refuge with their father.

Bros: Two men with commitment problems, attempt a relationship.

Marina Abramovic: If you have no idea who marina abramovic is then welcome to a brief
summary of her experience. Most performers will keep their distance from the audience. In this
experiment it begins with an art piece called Rhythm 0. During the experience marina would
stand for 6 hours without any movement or hard reaction. Close to her a table full of 72 objects
from the most random to the most harmful objects. To come to a surprise even a gun with a
single bullet. She stood still, while her audience was able to do anything to her. As it began it
later took a dark turn, the beginning people were being careful towards her body. Later on people
began to get violent, from cutting her neck to licking her blood but that was only the beginning.
Marina was treated as an object, being chained, cutting through her clothes, stripping her. She
went through so much, but of course when she moved people began to run away. Stating that
“people could not confront me as a person”. Proving that during this experiment people were
capable of doing anything without any consequences.

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