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The True Story Of Netflix’s “The Watcher”

The truth of “The Watcher”is far more terrifying than what the
show portrays. A couple decides to move in and invest in this
Countryside house, in the outskirts of New York. It’s a magnificent
house, with a large courtyard. But, no good thing comes for free. Just
soon after the lovely couple buys the house and moves into the house
they start to receive these menacing letters, never addressed to an actual
person, just signed by “The Watcher”. The Watcher, who sees all, but
can’t be seen or atleast hasn’t ever been seen or caught.

In the show, the couple who moves in starts to receive letters, it
states in the letters that, “ They watched the people who lived in the
house before”. These letters would grow and grow more disturbing
everytime they would be left in the mailbox. Now in reality, the people
of the neighborhood have come out and said that the way that they are
portrayed in the show; is in fact false, that they didn’t really act and treat
the people that way. I think that the police should have asked the real
question, “How did they not see the watcher wandering around? Did he
have access to everybody’s cameras? Why did the lister of the house not
list that there are tunnels under the property? If the family really had
some boy to watch their house at night, when everybody is asleep,
through the window of his car looking into the house windows,
shouldn’t he have been able to look through windows and see the
shadow and slight movement moving through the house?”

Then they were shocked, when they saw the camera footage. They
would see people going into their house but never saw how they got in
and how they left. Honestly, I wonder how they hid the tunnels under the
house. I mean that makes you want to believe that everybody was in it
because it doesn’t make sense. When you go and view a house, you have
to go and look at it. Before you buy a house you look at it and you see
and look at it. It’s supposed to be something that gives you emotion, a
house is a home. It’s supposed to be something that warms your heart
and is an important part of children and it’s what makes people safe.

In the show, it’s shown that in the house camera’s from the inside a
woman appears next to the husband of the couple, now in all truth, yes
people would have been angry if that happened to them. No matter
whether that’s true or not, I would have paid close attention to the one
clue that was missed and was noticed later in the show. When the boy
goes to see the husband at the job he goes there to show him something
suspicious. He tells and shows him that yeah the lady was there and all,
but when he had looked over the footage; he never saw her leave which
meant to him that somebody was messing with him. But to me, that
seems to mean either she entered from the inside of the house, but also
means she left from within, because if she walked out the front or back
door it would show up in the footage.

Which leads it to prove that there were always secret hideouts.
Now also upon buying a house, you should always research what type of
house model it is, the house seems to look in size as a Victorian house,
but from the outside it has the aesthetic of a country house. Upon
knowing that, it should be obvious that it has secret hideouts. To prove
my point, in the last scene we see that they murdered the lady’s dog, and
as she is trying to get the door open; when she happens to look back she
sees that someone emerged from the stairs. We see that the stairs, open.
The top of the stairs opens, now if you pause it; before it opens it’s not
visible. When these old houses were built, they built these things in
secret so that if something were to happen to them they would have a
place to hide.

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