2023 Swim Season

Mallory Ashe, Staff Writer

Swim has now started. Conditioning first started in the beginning of December. During finals week it stopped on Tuesday,so the students had time to study, since the finals were on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. After they came back from break January 9 they picked back up on conditioning, but also being able to go into the pool. They have not yet decided teams. Not everyone gets to compete even if they make the teams. It’s morley, the top people on the team. For example, the athletes would be ranked from 1-how many they choose for varsity, JV, and frosh soph. Then the top players would be the ones who are picked to swim. Just remember you don’t have to be the best at swimming, some kids have never done it before, so they most likely would not compete. Maybe next year as they progress they will be able to compete. Their first swim meet is February 17 and that is in 18 days. This may also be during the school day. They will most likely have tournaments just like all the other sports and hopefully can win them. Good luck to all our swimmers!