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“Crime Junkie” podcasts: Is it worth tuning in?

Alex Cardona

Crime podcasts are trending, and one of those podcasts is “Crime Junkie.”

“Crime Junkie” is a podcast that talks about crimes around the world every Monday on Apple Podcast and Spotify. The lead host, Ashley Flowers, and supporting co-host Britt Prawat, share the horrific cases of people who have gone missing, been murdered or kidnapped, and more. They reach out to families and they watch interviews that have to do with the cases to get information.

They have 10 million listeners every week, and there is an app available for fans called “Crime Junkie Fan Club.” On the app, many people have written reviews sharing how they feel about the podcast and the hosts. 

Some people don’t like Prawat, the way the pair explain the stories, and some think the podcast is scripted. While it is normal for a podcast’s main story to be scripted, the consensus is that the hosts’ reactions to the information shouldn’t be. 

Prawat also often makes unnecessary comments, and she starts conversations that have nothing to do with the case they are discussing. 

In “Murdered: Bruce Blackwood,” Prawat started talking about loving nosy neighbors because in the Blackwood case, the information the podcasters have was provided by Blackwood’s neighbor.

“But brit just annoys the living daylights out of me. The questions she asks and as simple as just as her voice is annoying,” ijenny30, an Apple Podcast user, commented. 

I like the podcast, and I usually listen to it when I want to hear a new story or I’m bored. I like listening to true crime and knowing what has happened to people.

“The main storyteller is so good but the other girl asks very annoying questions with a very annoying tone. Meh. Not sure if I would listen again,” Chula02, an Apple Podcast user, wrote.

Overall, I think this podcast is an interesting way to update people on the dreadful things going on in the world. However, they should improve the way they discuss the cases; this could even be done by asking their listeners for feedback so they can improve and have better ratings.

Overall rating:  ★★★

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