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Meet the teacher: Bailey Roberts

Photo provided by Bailey Roberts.

Roberts is a French teacher at Bakersfield High School. This is her third year on campus. While she teaches all grades, she mostly works with freshmen and sophomores. 

Roberts’s background

Roberts went to Centennial High, and then graduated from CSU Fresno. 

She studied Music Performance as her major in college; she’s a percussionist. She minored in French because while music was her main focus, she loved French too much to not study it. Roberts had to take some tests to prove her proficiency to be able to teach French.

Before the pandemic, Roberts worked in concert halls as a House Manager, and then at grocery stores during the pandemic.

Roberts at BHS

Roberts partakes in historical fencing.
Photo provided by Bailey Roberts.

Roberts states that she loves BHS’s atmosphere and school spirit. As fun as her experience has been, her time here has been a learning experience. She has learned about different cultures in her hometown and she has been able to focus on the culture here at BHS. 

She is involved in the French Club and French Honors Society with Diane Tiner as a co-advisor. Through these programs, she loves helping students learn, celebrate, and experience French and francophone culture. 

Her favorite lesson is when she teaches students about King Louis XIV of France and the Chateau de Versailles which is just outside of Paris. 

This king was an incredible patron of the arts, and French art and music flourished under his rule. He also commissioned the construction of the Palace of Versailles, which is a luxurious palace with grounds that were so large, that the nobles never had to leave (which ended up leading to them being out of touch, and the revolution happening). The Palace is gorgeous and is still in great condition today despite being about 400 years old!

Roberts states that she also enjoys supporting the marching band and indoor drumline when she can.

Roberts off campus

Roberts enjoys travelling abroad.
Photo provided by Bailey Roberts.

When Roberts isn’t teaching, she plays the piano, sews, loves spending time with friends, playing video games, and traveling as much as she can. She also does historical fencing. 

Historical fencing is like Olympic fencing, but she uses a rapier sword. She fights like a musketeer, and she said she loves it! 

She gets to dress up in a historical costume from the 1500s, and she fences in tournaments all over southern California on the weekends. It is part of a larger organization that is international, but it is mostly in the US. A large group of them dress up and go to events where they fight in tournaments for small prizes and bragging rights.

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