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Drillers compete in the 22nd annual Talent Show

The 22nd Annual Bakersfield High School Talent Show took place on Feb. 9-10. 

The winners included TmoneyBunny with the Grand Prize, and TriBaile received the People’s Choice award.

While there were limited prizes to be won, a variety of groups performed with the support of their peers.

2024 Talent Show performances

CFH: CFH played a song on his guitar. He states that he has been playing guitar for 10 months now.

Andrew Vidales: Vidales is a theater kid who sang “Sway” by Michael Buble. He is known on campus for his time on the football team and the school choir group. 

One Shot: A female dance group that focuses on K-pop (Korean pop) dance routines from other K-pop music groups. Dance team captain Savannah Chavez led the group’s newest additions through the competition.

Joshua Rodriguez: Rodriguez has been playing guitar for one year. He sang the song “J” by Ivan Cornejo; Gonzalez states that Cornejo is an artist whom he looks up to. Gonzalez also explained that his brother pushed him to start playing guitar, although he also wanted to sing to his girlfriend. Gonzalez stated that he sees himself playing in the future, in a band preferably. 

Who’s On First: Gaspar and James performed a baseball comedy act that originated in 1934. Since the original skit is pretty old, they chose to modernize it. One of the performers previously performed the original skit with their grandfather in a church talent show. Hence, the duo decided to perform the modernized version in the school’s talent show. 

Until November: Two seniors, announced as Natalie Sanchez and Isaiah, did a routine from “LaLa Land.” The band named themselves “Until November” because one of the members of their band had something special coming up in November.

James Mansfield: Mansfield played a self-composed piece on his piano. He said there was no real reason for the song; it was just how he felt during the composing process. Mansfield states that his pet turtle, Turt, told him to write his performed composition. He has been playing piano for 6 years.

Ciara: She chose to sing, and wanted to display her voice. Ciara has been singing since she was a young child and plays the clarinet.

TmoneyBunny: He did what he is known for best on campus for– rapping. Known by many as Thomas Wood, the rapper shared that he got his stage name from his dad; his father would call him Tmoney because Wood used to think he was made of money. Eventually Wood added “Bunny” to the name because it rhymed with money. He said he wants to make an impact on the school with his rap, and that he feels like a “broke version of Drake.” 

TriBaile: The dance crew did what they do best– dance. TriBaile, a group of twelve students, started with two students who had the same idea. Those two students put a group together, and they figured out how to work as a team. TriBaile states that they are very close outside of school as well. The name “TriBaile” stems from one of them going to a dance studio with a group called “Tri,” so they just put Tri and Baile together to get TriBaile. 

For those who are interested in competing in the 2025 Talent Show, be sure to continue watching for the announcements as the spring term of the 2024-25 academic year approaches.

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