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Celebrity Respect: Yes, It is Real


Imagine you are a very successful person. Whether you are a well known artist, singer, actor, etc. Just think about it. You’re walking to your car from the grocery store when you see a group of people, probably younger than you near your car. Why are they near your car? Did something happen? You get closer and they notice you coming their way and smile. They ask you for a picture and a few autographs. They tell you how they are huge fans and came from who knows where just to meet you. You listen and agree to take pictures cause well, it’d be rude to say no to a fan.
You wouldn’t be where you are without them. However another question might fill your head. How did they know where you were?

On Monday, October 11,2020 a picture of Harry Styles with a few fans in LA popped up in social media. At first the pictures seem normal just the gorgeous Mr. Styles with a few fans. However, more pictures from that day popped up and showed him look a bit uncomfortable as he signed autographs and a few albums. That’s weird on it’s own because who brings a Harry Styles and One Direction album everywhere they go and “coincidentally” meets Harry Styles. It gets even more strange when it is discovered that the girls from the pictures have been stalking Harry and other celebrities for years and have been blogging their stalking experiences. Once the information surfaced, many other fans came to his defense and exclaimed that this act was disrespectful and that they respect his privacy.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened to this lovely man. A few months ago fans were seen camping in front of Harry’s home in Italy during his stay. Does he deserve this? No, obviously not. Harry Styles is a kind man and has always been seen being kind and willing whenever someone asks for a picture. He adores his fans and is an advocate for love and equality as his motto is “Treat People with Kindness”. That includes Harry as well.
In 2016 a “fan” called Louis Tomlinson and told him that she hoped his baby dies. Plus “fans” theorizing the idea that his child isn’t really his.
In 2017 a group of “fans” showed up at the hotel Finn Wilfhard was staying in and called him “rude” and “heartless” when he didn’t take pictures with him.


And in 2020 a “fan” gave out the address of the hospital where Gigi Hadid’s BABY was born.
Note how I’m putting quotations around the word fan. This is because people; whether young or old, should know when to respect a person’s boundaries. It doesn’t matter if they are famous or not, they are still human and should be left alone.

But why do they think this behavior is okay? Why do fans think it’s perfectly fine to barge in unannounced and just demand a picture or autograph? In comes the concept of Parasocial Relationships! Parasocial relationships are the psychological relationship between a viewer, listener and/or audience and an idol in which the fan feels like they’re close to their idol even though they might not know who the fan is in the first place. This might explain why fans think they are entitled to pictures and autographs whenever they meet their idol. They believe because they listen to their music, read their book, watch their projects and probably know everything about them so they deserve their idol’s love.

Think of it this way, you meet this person in school. You don’t know each other but you’re polite to each other. You talk and get along but you really don’t see them as nothing more than an acquaintance. However you see them everywhere, they follow you around and ask you out. You politely say no but they keep begging and pushing and begin to get angry cause you said no. You don’t have to give them anything and you have the right to say no. They aren’t entitled to your devotion.

That’s how it is for celebrities and the so called fans. Finn Wolfhard was FOURTEEN and was already called rude for not wanting to take pictures with fans. He’s still a kid and has zero obligation to even say hello to you. Gigi had her baby and has no right to give you the name of her child. Louis Tomlinson’s son is his son and that’s that. You don’t need to know anymore.
As the viewer, listener, and audience, our only job is to enjoy the content we get. If you meet your idol, great! If you ask for a picture and they accept, brilliant! You got yourself a picture! If they say no however then the answer is no and you respect their decision. That’s it. You don’t ask again, you don’t beg, NOTHING. We are not entitled to anything more than what artists and content creators give us. And while most fans are respectful, there’s always that one group that just don’t understand.

We only see what they want us to see and that’s fine. Celebrities are humans too, they have lives outside of social media. We aren’t family, we aren’t friends, we’re not even acquaintances. We’re just fans, nothing more, nothing less. Stop stepping boundaries. Stop invading someone’s privacy. This shouldn’t even be an issue. Like the beautiful Harry Styles always says, “Treat People with Kindness.”

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