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Quaran-Teen Picks: Pt. 1

Quarantine has been a time of discovery. Discovery of ourselves, discovery of who people really are, and, most importantly, discovery of television. Now that we have all this time on our hands, people have turned to the TVs to help cure our boredom. We often find that watching television or watching a movie can distract us from the terrifying things happening in the real world. These are a few of the shows and movies that have helped keep me entertained during this seemingly everlasting pandemic.



Schitt’s Creek is a show that handles many serious and real issues in a way that makes it humorous and light-hearted. It was created by Dan and Eugene Levy, both of which also star in the show. The show focuses on a once wealthy, but then suddenly broke, family who has to relocate to a small town called Schitt’s Creek, which they previously purchased as a joke. This show is great for people who need a show to have on in the background while they work on projects, or just need a light-hearted show to laugh at. This show can be found on Netflix.



Criminal Minds is my personal favorite. It follows a group of FBI agents who work in the Behavioral Analysis Unit, or the BAU, and catch and study serial killers, among other things. This show is really great for people who find the way that pathological liars and mentally unstable people function fascinating. I love this show because it is the perfect balance of plot, fantastic characters, and serial killers to keep you thoroughly entertained and educated. This show can be found on Netflix.



The Queen’s Gambit is a fantastic series that highlights the trials and tribulations of a woman in the 60’s who finds herself to be quite adept at the game, and quickly moves up as she becomes better and better at it. This is a great show for people to watch if they need a plot that thickens and moves along while still leaving you in suspense and asking for more. This show is a Netflix original.



The Good Place is a light-hearted show that follows a group of people after they die, and end up in the “Good Place”. There are so many twists and turns that you are constantly being pulled back and wondering what will happen next. This is the perfect show for people who want to be questioning every move of the characters of the show, and who like different theories about what happens after death. Disclaimer: it might not be great for you to watch this if you are prone to existential crises. This show can be found on Netflix.



Enola Holmes is a movie that recently came out on Netflix that focuses on the life of the renowned SHerlock Holmes’ sister, and follows the adventure that she goes on to find her mother. This movie is great for empowering young women who feel like they want adventure and excitement. It is an easy, yet delightful watch that is wonderful for families or just to watch on your own. This is a Netflix original.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a timeless classic coming-of-age movie that is loved by many if not all. The movie centers around Patrick, a teenager who copes with the death of his best friend and his favorite aunt. This movie brings up all of the issues that America was only beginning to uncover in the early 2010’s, such as suicide, sexual assault, internalized homophobia, and more. This is one of my personal favorites because of the beautiful plot and cast of the movie, which stars Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller. This can be found on Netflix.


Like I said, these are just a few of the things I have watched during quarantine. As this seemingly never ending pandemic continues, I am sure I will watch many more things during this course of time. These have just been the highlight of my quarantine viewing, and I hope that you find one you think you’ll like!

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