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Are Violent Video Games Making People More or Less Violent?

Video games are one of the most popular things on this earth. There have been millions of games that are made that anyone can get.some people pick [E] friendly games, most people get [Teen] games, But majority of games people have is the [Mature] games,also known as violent games.The big question on everyone mind is do these violent games make you vicious or aggressive in the life.

Online Game Chats

They say Violent games or one of the problems  in today’s Society. But it sure doesn’t help when you combined violent games with online game chats.For example let’s say you are playing a game like Grand Theft Auto and a person in the game chat is not talking nice to you, your first instinct in the game is “I’m going to kill him.” That’s not a good thing to have been put in your head.The one thing that everyone can agree on is that game chats are toxic, rather not its someone saying racial slurs or talking about someone’s personal life that can take a big mental toll on you.also most violent games like Call of duty, Fortnite, Battlefield,are great games to talk to friends and new people about your strategy and how to when the game, you can have some funny moments on there and it can balance out the rage and violence of the game.


                                                  Are these games Damaging for the brain? 

Watch dogs, Assassins creed, and Hitman,are one of the best stealth games known to gamers the game teaches how to be stealthy how to take out as many people to get to your objective,yes being stealthy is a solid life skill it could come in handy once in a while, but taking out people is big no like  Call of duty, NBA 2k, Fortnite,  these games what i like to call rage games in my  in my opinion they have the worst effect on your brain, nobody like losing so when you lose you rage and rage so much you that you have to take it out on something or someone and when you repeat the cycle your telling your brain its ok to do this. The big question is if you have mental health should you be playing violent games in my opinion it’s hard to say, people with mental illness their brains are different than a regular persons as a person who suffers with ADHD all games no matter  the game rating is, it helps me cope with my anxiety helps me chill down i been playing games for years now and haven’t got deeply emotional about it  if i get mad i just  go on to another game,but have friends with ADHD and other mental illness and helps them be calm and not worry about  life  just about  the game, but not all people with mental illness cope well with violent games.also the amount of time you spend on the game people play these violent games for hours and it takes mental effect on them   .I think these violent games should have a warning every time there’s is a loading screen [DON’T DO THIS IN LIFE] it would help a lot of people.


The Problem

Violent games are a problem yes but we should not be blaming the game and the developers its not there fault people are so violent .it all comes down to the actions of the person playing the game,it’s all a matter of self control if you control yourself not to do violent things you will  be fine but if have little to no self control you should not be playing violent games.most  people ask why do school shootings happen? Is it because violent and cruel video games? i think for some parts  i thinks just a lot of things rather or not that be, home life, relationship problems,and most importantly what happens in school,it’s a whole lot of things that cause school shooting not just violent games.but if for example one kid shoots up a school or some other place because a game it’s because he or she is bored,of playing the game on hours and hours and he or she wants to do it in real life because games are not existing anymore.

I know violent games are not the problem it’s the person the person that does not know right from wrong yes that’s it, if people who play violent games knew right from wrong people we wouldn’t have to worry about school and church shooting, you can play violent games but balance yourself out, do what do listen to lofi hip hop beats it balance yourself from all the violence coming from that have to mixture of all games rather that be E [everyone] games,and don’t play violent games for a long time not healthy for the brain take a break once in a while go eat spend time with family or friends or pray like i said it’s all up to the person behind the controller.

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