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Music is so important right now. It helps to motivate us, connect us, and bring us joy. I know that I’ve gone through many different phases with my music taste; I started off one way and now I’m listening to music I never thought I would. I want to share with you all the music that is helping me right now.

My favorite song right now is “Cooler Than Me” by Ethan Fields. It’s a cover of the song by Mike Posner, and the artist twisted it by making it more of a rock song. If you like this song, you’ll probably also like “Heart of Glass” by Miley Cyrus.

Another song that I like is “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance. This song is very mellow but still a banger. Very good for if you’re hanging out with friends and need background music. If you like this song, then you’ll probably like “Runaway” by AURORA. Another one that you might like if you like this song is “no body, no crime” by Taylor Swift.

Another great song is “Hard Times” by Paramore. It’s a great song if you want to feel good but also cynical. It’s very upbeat with a “get over yourself” kind of message. If you like this song, you’ll probably also like “Boys Don’t Cry” by The Cure.

One last really really great song is “What a Feeling” by One Direction. It’s a great song to vibe to and play if you want to feel good. If you need a pick-me-up, listen to this song and you’ll get it almost instantly. If you like this song, you will also probably like “Canyon Moon” by Harry Styles.

Music has an effect on all of our emotions. It brings people together through melodies, and inspires conversation and recommendations. In a world that has become disconnected, music is one of the last remaining connections to humanity. Music also helps us in our times of need. These songs have really helped me recently, and I hope that they can help you too. If you need to feel happy, want to feel more mellow, or just want to feel at all, music can really help with that. Expanding your music taste can help expand your emotional range. Relating to songs is a really great way to figure out how you feel about things, and how some of the most talented artists deal with their emotions, too. I hope this helps!!

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