Words of Love

A list of words describing the joys of the world/ or a feeling.

Hanan Ahmed

I think one of the most valuable feelings is to be able to relate to something or someone. Not everyone will understand you, and at times you many feel as if your feelings are not valid. You may find comfort in the world where others don’t. Everyone is different and it’s important to embrace that. Even if that difference is as simple as enjoying the subtle, cherishable feelings that others might not pay attention to. If you’re lost in thought, feel as if you can’t put your feelings into words, or fall in love with the simple things of life: read on you might discover that you’re not alone and there are indeed words that put your innermost feelings into words.

Cachinnate – to laugh very loud. It’s simple, but it’s a way the people that surround us connect and express their joy and happiness. When you laugh, you forget, even for a split second, of all your worries and are filled with a sense of comfort. It’s a way humanity reaches out to one another and connects on a level stronger than words. A way of showing a sense of joy in each other’s presence.

Nyctophilia- love of darkness or night; finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness. Though some are deathly afraid of what the darkness might hold and being consumed by the feeling of loneliness, others find comfort in the dark. Imagine it ́s night time, alone with your thoughts to process, to recharge your batteries, consumed in the darkness, a feeling of peace washes over you. Being in the darkness allows some to reflect on themselves, and even provides a sense of calmness.

Philocalist – a lover of beauty; someone who finds and appreciates beauty in all things. Beauty can be found in the simplest of things in life. From seeing someone smile, listening to music, seeing people enjoy themselves without a care in the world, to a sentimental object or the lonely flower that’s planted beside the street. Anything that contains even the smallest amount of grace can be significant to a philocalist in which they will admire and appreciate.