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Texas: 2021

There is alot going on already in 2021 but I don’t think anyone was prepared for what February brought when Texas froze over. After 2020 people are still trying to recover from the mess of that year. It felt like every other month was a whole different disaster that struck the world. Going into 2021 I think people thought this year would be much different. It’s clear from the beginning that just in February we have a huge incident already. As much as we would all like to see the world return to a shroud of normalcy but its clear it will not be.

The Texas freezing is a scary thing to think about. The fact that the entire Midwest of America gets a massive cold wave is odd and nearly unthinkable. Just try to put yourself in the shoes of you a few months back and someone came up to you and told you that Texas would have snow and would freeze over. You would probably call them crazy, or maybe you’d believe them because 2020 was just that insane. Just looking at pictures of the incident there it makes you really see how bad the situation is.

A lot of people are asking who’s to blame for this. In reality I don’t think anyone is to blame for this. There are just so many people in the wrong here it’s kinda crazy. Senator Ted Cruz leaving to Cancun as the problem hits is really indicative of just how much people don’t care in power. Ted Cruz has since said it was because of his daughters but it has come out that he invited his college roommate to come with him which doesn’t sound like a family trip. The fact AOC has come in to help out before Ted Cruz did should tell you everything about who cares. On the topic of windmills there isn’t much basis to blame on windmills since places Greenland and Iceland also use Windmills for power and those have extremely cold climates. The problem with Texas was the fact that they didn’t put the money into protecting them from cold temperatures which could be because this is so crazily unpredictable.

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