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Panic is not the Pandemic Cure

In the age of the pandemic the world has seen how ugly people can be. Mostly this affects America, the fact that during a pandemic people believed the whole virus is a hoax from the opposing political party. This would be more understandable if the whole world was affected but that doesnt matter to them. There has been a lot of discourse in America about how the pandemic was handled.

One of the biggest things that shows how poorly we handled the pandemic was the way Donald Trump handled the information given out. Throughout 2020 the pandemic has been downplayed by republican politicians and Donald Trump. From telling people that Covid-19 is basically the flu that politicians spread around February through late summer.

Then they claimed that America suddenly already beat covid around the fall era according to republicans. One thing I remember most is Trump saying that injecting disinfectant helps with covid. The most damaging thing that Trump propagated was the fact that Covid would be solved in a few weeks and isn’t a big deal at all back in february.

These comments coming from both Trump and republicans at the time are more disgusting in a recent leaked call by CNN that took place in February about Trump acknowledging how severe the virus is and how it spreads and how dangerous it can get.

There are many more claims made by politicians about covid that were just not true. The pandemic being as bad as it is today is a direct result of their propaganda they posted to the people of America. There is one argument that can be seen somewhat understandable and that is that Trump and republicans were downplaying the virus and lying to not cause a panic in America. The problem with this one argument is that every other country did not cause mass panic and handled the pandemic just fine.

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