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My Grammy Playlist

As cheesy as it may sound, music can really change the mood and lift peoples’ spirits up. So with the Grammy Awards right around the corner and it being in the midst of a global pandemic, I feel that with the right precautions for the artists and extreme caution for the backstage workers, they will be able to give everyone beautiful performances. Not only that but I can’t wait to see some well-deserved artists walk across the stage and accept the awards they deserve *cough cough harry styles.* That being said, they recently released the list of participating artists who will be performing so I thought it’d be a good idea to list my absolute top favorite songs from some of the artists that will be performing or that have been nominated for an award. 


Doja Cat

Summary: Not only can she rap incredibly catchy lyrics but she can slow down her voice as well as adding oomph and eccentricity to her music. The main attraction I get from her music is the lyrics and the tones she sets her voice to. She is an extremely talented artist and should never be underestimated.

Streets (Hot Pink) 2019 

Rules (Hot Pink) 2019

Shine (Hot Pink) 2019

Bottom Bit*h (Hot Pink) 2019

Cyber Sex (Hot Pink) 2019

So High ( Purrr!) 2014 Ep

Candy (Amala) 2018 


Billie Eilish

Summary: While my extreme fan obsession with this amazing artist’s music has calmed down a bit, I will still wait hours and stay up extremely late just to be one of the first to hear a new album or single she releases.

Bury a Friend (WWAFA) 2019

Ocean eyes (Don’t Smile at Me) 2017

All the good girls go to hell (WWAFA) 2019

Therefore I Am (Single) 2020

My Future (single) 2020

I love you (WWAFA) 2019

Xanny (WWAFA) 2019

My strange addiction (WWAFA) 2019

Bit*hes broken hearts (Don’t Smile at Me) 2017


Harry styles 

Summary: This man could literally cough and it would be groundbreaking to the music industry, he will never fail to amaze me with his voice and the different pitches he can reach. His guitarist, Mitch, is also really talented when it comes to styling harry’s music.

Girl Crush: Cover 2017

Just a Little Bit of Your Heart 2014

Literally all of HS1 and Fine Line, I almost had a stroke trying to pick favorites, it’s impossible for me. 


Taylor swift

Summary: Old Taylor or new Taylor, I will always love her music and it will never fail to stick in my head for weeks on end.

You belong with me (fearless) 2008

Love Story Taylor’s version (fearless) 2021

Blank Space (1989) 2014

Lover (lover) 2019

Everything Has Changed ft Ed Sheeran (red) 2012

Wildest Dreams (1989) 2014

You Need To Calm Down (lover) 2019


Ariana Grande

Summary: I’ve listened to Ariana for years now and all I can say is, she will definitely feed her fans well when it comes to releasing music. I will forever blast Ariana for everything, anywhere, anytime. She deserves all the recognition she is getting.

die in your arms: cover 2012

almost is never enough (yours truly) 2013

tattooed heart (yours truly) 2013

goodnight n go (sweetener) 2018

r.e.m (sweetener) 2018

pete davidson (sweetener) 2018

moonlight (dangerous woman) 2016

my hair (positions) 2020

pov (positions) 2020

just like magic (positions) 2020

my everything (my everything) 2014

34+35 (positions) 2020

raindrops (an angel cried) (sweetener) 2018

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