Covid-19: Happy Anniversary, or Whatever…

Maddie Brand

Next week Wednesday will be the mark that will conclude a full year of being out of school due to Covid-19. This year has been very unexpected, I still can’t believe it’s real sometimes that we’ve been out for a full year. Around now it’s starting to finally calm down and it feels like the end of this virus. It has affected our lives so much it’s hard to kinda think of the world without covid. It feels foreign to me to remember a time when I didn’t go outside wearing a mask and staying 6 feet from others. I can’t remember the last time I finally sat down and ate somewhere. This has been such a crazy year.
As a student I almost can’t think about going back to school. The idea of being in a room full of people sitting there for hours feels weird to me now. I do miss it, I miss seeing people, I miss seeing my teachers. I miss the more hands on approach school had. As a senior as well I feel like Covid has robbed one of the most important years of my life from me and at this point we only have 3 months. Even if we went back tomorrow it wouldn’t be the same. I still remember March 17th, 2020 sitting in class being told that this break would be only 2 weeks and it’s nothing we will be back in no time. Being handed a stack of work to do during the break and sent off. Here I am 12 months later sitting at home typing while in a zoom call for class. It’s really crazy to think about how much has changed and how long it’s really been. Think about all you have done during this time of covid and you really get a sense of just how long we’ve been in it.
With the feeling that Covid is coming to an end and life will soon come back to normal I look back on my time in Covid and realize how much I could have used this time to be more productive or something. I have sat around and done nothing for almost a full year and that realization really hits home realizing i’ve been doing nothing while sitting during what’s
supposed to be the most important year in school. I’ve worked for my entire school life to be in this year only for this to happen. I think that’s the biggest thing I feel, the sadness that all of my work throughout the years of school has led me here and i can’t truly live it because i’m stuck at home and that’s how i spent my final moments in school sitting in a chair in a zoom call. It’s been a sour year but with graduation coming as the turn of covid seems ending i think at least i can look forward to celebrating my graduation in the future.