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The Return of Mass Shootings

In the year 2021 the world is slowly coming back to some semblance of normalcy. The world has been in a lockdown for so long people are excited for the world to get back to the way things were. As stuff comes back together a new problem has returned, something many have forgotten how bad it can be. In the last month of April America has seen atleast 45 shootings. This problem seems to be coming back strong.

I think the fact that everything was on lock down put a hold on these terrible tragedies. I’m curious how many people were plotting these since the quarantine. It feels like every time i check the news it’s another shooting somewhere in the world. Something that’s rather unsettling to think about is the idea that I don’t think there are more shootings now, it’s just we forgot how frequently they happened. We need to address this issue with at least some form of control.

People keep saying “its mental health” or that “it’s not a gun issue” but they aren’t providing solutions. Gun control is something that needs serious looking at nowadays even if the problem isn’t the guns at least its something rather than just saying “thoughts and prayers”. Starting by regulating assault weapons which I would define as weapons that have a high capacity magazine and low recoil. Things like AR-15s are weapons with no other purpose then to kill a mass amount of people very easily and very quickly. For some defense or self defense a pistol or shotgun would work just fine. For hunting there are many small capacity magazine large caliber rifles. There is just no need for your average civilian to be owning something like an AR-15 other than the idea they want to kill a mass amount of people. This is something we need to look into more but something has to be done we cant just keep talking about the issue and ignoring it.

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