Influencer Fashion

Jolie Wyatt

There is quite a mix of fashion on campus from eclectic to basic, to boho and indie, you experience it all. You can see all style categories or personal fashion statements and style. A lot of style is drawn from media influencers, Soleil of @soleilssofia and Ida of @ida.hrc influence and inspire Rhyen Moses. After asking she states,“My clothes really embody me, they make me feel like, well me.”

She believes that fashion can change your mood, if you dress and feel great you will perform great in all aspects of life. When buying clothes Rhyen buys outfits that she could also mix and match with other pieces of clothing. She shops at Forever 21, Pacsun, and Target. Her favorite pieces of clothing are tan pants and white tennis skirts because she can style them with everything.

Sofia Fulenwider is one that dresses for and just personal style. They say if it looks cool, he’ll wear it. She says that a staple in their closet is baggy jeans and sweaters. Shopping from Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, and Hollister, Sofia finds everything that he needs to dress cool and comfortable.

Therefore, maybe you should explore your fashion side, who knows you might find your new favorite look.