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Today, there are many platforms through which people consume media; more specifically, music. Such platforms include but are not limited to: Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Amazon Music. There is a debate nowadays about which platform to stream music is the best. Everyone has their own reasons, but there is only one real answer.

Spotify was founded in 2006, and people have been using it for quite a while. It is a very easy streaming platform to use, especially with the premium version. It has a very wide range of songs to listen to; virtually every song is on Spotify. It also has a wide range of plans you can choose from for the premium option, including the family plan, the Duo plan, and the single plan. Each allow for different payment and account sharing methods.

You can make endless playlists using Spotify. If you are listening to an album or a playlist, it will offer recommendations for music you might like based on what you were listening to. It is really easy to navigate; you learn the app very quickly.

Spotify has a lot of special features, such as Spotify concerts, Spotify singles, (an example would be Harry Styles’ recording of “Girl Crush” done in the Spotify Studio”), and a wide selection of podcasts to listen to. People can record podcasts and release them; this feature allows people to record unreleased songs by artists so that they can be listened to. Songs are categorized by decade, artist, vibe, genre, etc.. There are many public playlists made by other listeners that are available for listening, which allow people to find songs that are similar to songs they like.

If you are looking for an easy way to listen to music, Spotify is the way to go. With its endless song choice and helpful recommendations, you are sure to never be bored.

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