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The remix series: Cinderella

Jolie Wyatt

Once upon a time in a faraway land,

Lived a kindhearted girl with a dream so grand.

Cinderella, her name, a servant in her own home,

But her spirit remained strong, never feeling alone.


Her days were filled with chores and endless toil,

But she held onto hope, a flame that wouldn’t


With a heart full of dreams, she would often sing,

Imagining a life where she could spread her



One day, an invitation arrived at her door,

A royal ball, a 

chance to explore.

But her stepmother and stepsisters were unkind,

They left her behind, her dreams confined.


In her tattered dress, tears streaming down her


A fairy godmother appeared, bringing grace.

With a flick of her wand, she transformed

Cinderella’s Attire,

A Beautiful gown, sparkling like fire.


In a pumpkin carriage, she whisked her away,

Rothe grand ball, where dreams come to play.

Cinderella entered, a vision of grace,

Captivating all with her radiant face.


The prince, enchanted, couldn’t take his eyes off


They danced together, the night a blur.

But as the clock struck midnight, reality set in,

Cinderella had to leave, her time wearing thin.


She ran from the ball, leaving behind a glass


A symbol of love that made her heart shimmer.

The prince, determined, searched far and wide,

To find the girl whose beauty he couldn’t hide.


The slipper was tried o by every maiden in the


But none could fit, it didn’t go as planned.

Until one day, it found its way to Cinderella’s


A perfect fit.


The prince, overjoyed, knew he had found his

True love,

Cinderella, a gift from the heavens above.

He took her hand, their hearts intertwined,

A love so pure, a love one could never find.


They danced through the palace, hand in hand,

Their love story spreads throughout the land.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters, filled

With envy,

Could not deny the love that blossomed so



With Cinderella by his side, the prince was


Her kindness and grace, a love so sweet.

They ruled the kingdom with compassion and


A royal couple, a love beyond compare.


But amidst the joy, Cinderella never forgot,

Her humble beginning, the lessons she was


She used her position to help those in need,

A beacon of hope, a symbol of good deeds.


Together, they built a world of love and peace,

Where kindness and understanding would never


Cinderella’s story, a reminder to us all,

That dreams can come true, no matter how



As the years went by, their love only grew,

Through trials and triumphs, they always stayed


Cinderella and the Prince, a love so strong,

Their bond, like a melody, playing all day long.


They had children, a beautiful family they made,

Teaching them kindness, never letting love fade.

Cinderella’s stepmother, with a change of heart,

Saw the error of her ways, a brand-new start.


The kingdom flourished under the reign,

Prosperity and happiness, no sign of pain.

Cinderella’s Glass slipper, a symbol of hope,

A reminder to dream, to never lose scope.


And so, dear friend, the tale of Cinderella concludes,

A story of love, where dreams were pursued.

No matter the obstacles, love will prevail,

Just like in Cinderella’s Enchanting fairytale.

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Jolie Wyatt
Jolie Wyatt, Editor-in-Chief
Jolie Wyatt is the current Editor-in-Chief of “The Blue and White” at Bakersfield High School. When Wyatt isn’t writing or editing stories, she can be seen cheering at sporting events and rallies. Wyatt can also be found in the theater with Driller Drama.

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