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Inspired Woo!

Inspired woo is a small business owned by a lovely
friend of mine, Yaribeth. Yaribeth is a sixteen year old girl
who decided to start a business selling different types and
different styles of jewelry. The name “Inspired woo” came
from another old name that she had thought of; WooMoo.
All of her products will be made with great care and
responsibility :). She had decided to start working on this
shop because she was inspired by many people on Tiktok
(social media platform). Seeing others on Tiktok and
starting from nothing and then growing into something
amazing; having fun doing something she enjoys while
getting lots and lots of orders a day and knowing she has a
chance to succeed and grow more. The goal is to satisfy
her customers and make sure they’re happy. When this
business had started, Yaribeth continued to do her
research because research is always helpful. She took
mistakes from others and is learning from their mistakes.
Her family and friends are all supportive of her shop!
Although the shop isn’t open yet due to the process of
receiving some orders that cannot be handmade (such as
wire, crystals, charms, clay, resin, molds and more) and
receiving her EIS, here are some reasons why you should
shop at inspired woo!
Reason 1! Yaribeth will be spending her freetime investing
in this shop. Starting off and getting supplies can be pricey
and difficult for small business owners. It does take a lot of
time and energy to create all these amazing pieces of
Reason 2! As stated above, Yaribeth will be making all
different types of styles when it comes to her jewelry. If you
have a hard time finding some accessories of your style,
her shop will have different options and categories to
choose from :).
Reason 3! The prices! jewelry can be quite expensive
depending on where you go. Usually, you can find
necklaces and bracelets you like but they can be over 15$.
Yaribeth has mentioned that she would be honest and fair
with her pricing.
If inspired Woo continued to grow, Yaribeth has stated that
she’d be very surprised but very happy. She’d be glad that
people are very excited to enjoy her products and give her
a chance to succeed. It gives her hope and happiness 🙂

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