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Dear Student: Control the Controllables

“Dear Student” is a series of letters, written anonymously, to students from a teacher
65200912 - focus on the things you can control
65200912 – focus on the things you can control

Dear Drillers,

What a year!  This year was supposed to be the best.  Instead the unthinkable, the unforeseen, the year 2020 has hit us like a ton of bricks.  We didn’t ask for it this way.   It never occurred to us that we’d have to live through one of these pandemics.  After all, it is 2020!  Yet here we are.  So what shall we do about it?  What can we do about it?  What are our options?

Griping, complaining, and longing for the good ol’ days might feel good for a moment but it leaves us empty and unsatisfied. 

Saying words that makes us feel better but tears someone else down is not living the Driller Way.  So what’s a better option?

What if, instead, we focused on controlling the controllables – the things within our lives that we have control over.  Let’s change the things within our circle of influence that we can actually change.  This looks different for everyone and it may even look different for you from one day to the next.  But taking a positive spin on things by thinking “what can I do” instead of mully-grubbing over “there’s nothing I can do about that” may just be the key to taking your life to the next level.

So what can you do today to change this moment in 2020 for good?


A Teacher

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