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How to Stop Procrastinating


Procrastination is something we all deal with. It’s a challenge to get up and do the things you want to do! Many more people feel like this and you’re not alone, becoming too stressed on a task or staying too long on social media can stop you from doing any tasks and leave you stalling anything. I’ve found some ways to help us not to procrastinate anymore and maybe this will help you!


  1. Set yourself a goal

People choose to do something else besides something they want or have to do, it could be school, work, cleaning or just everyday problems. When you wake up in the morning, try to set yourself small goals to complete. Have something to keep you busy and try not to get stressed on what your task is. 


  1. Change your environment 

The way your room or area you are at impacts if you want to do your tasks or to sleep and “do it later.” changing your area can give you motivation and inspiration to do more or to make us feel inspired, it’s nice to change things around and to keep things clean. 


  1. Talk to someone who inspires you 

Talking to someone who inspires you is a big boost to stop you from procrastinating. Eventually if you talk to them you also get the drive and boost they have too and it makes you feel inspired to do something, way better than not doing anything. 


  1. Don’t stress yourself

When you try to complete a task as homework for example, it can be difficult sometimes and maybe you feel like it’s too hard and that you can’t do it. That leads you to giving up and not doing anything. When you feel pressured or upset, take a break and come back when you feel ready, don’t give up. 


  1. Hangout with friends 

Hanging out with friends is a fun thing to do, it’s way better than doing nothing. Us humans need breaks and time to socialize and talk to the people we love, so hangout with friends and hear what their goals are and set up plans.

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