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Dear 2020

Dear 2020,

   What are you on? I’m genuinely curious? What godly source gave you a little something something? Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. Did you hear us say “This year will be our year!” and just go, “Bet.” and unleash all the game pieces of Jumanji?

Let’s look at the evidence.

First you release a global pandemic, why would you put it on a bat first of all animals? If you wanted to invent the first vampire you kind of failed. I mean, I guess we all kind of hate going outside but everyone is dying so it’s not really a plus. Couldn’t you have given us a bit of a warning? Maybe release it AFTER Donald Duck left office. We were told to stay inside for two weeks. I don’t even remember what the school bus looks like. Students didn’t even properly say goodbye to their friends and teachers. Then you gave us online learning which is terrible all on its own. You gave teachers triple the amount of responsibility which is unbelievable. Do you know how many glitches we’ve had to go through the first week of school? It was no bueno. 

  Then you kill off beloved celebrities out of nowhere.

First Kobe Bryant and his daughter in the beginning of January, that was probably the first time I saw my father genuinely sad. It was unexpected and that’s probably when all hell broke loose. Then you took Chadwick Boseman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and just recently Alex Trebek.


Whether you watched it or not “Jeopardy!” was a well-known show and it hurts to see a man that formed our childhood and adulthood go so suddenly(I’m not crying, shut up). 

 SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING 2020?! This isn’t “Avengers Infinity War“. You can’t just kill off people at random, that’s how this works. Well, I mean that is how life works but why so many in one year! Was the virus and the hornets 2.0 not enough for you? Are you bored, cause so are we! This year has been nothing but death left and right. Life is passing by but nobody knows cause we are all stuck inside doing nothing but watch Netflix shows on repeat. Everything is a mess all thanks to you.

But…well, I guess you did do some good things.

You gave us more Harry Styles content which is amazing. We all need some Harry Styles at least once a week. You cancelled some of the most problematic people on the internet and while some were hard to accept; some being childhood or well-known youtubers, singers, actors, etcetera it was good to call them out for their past and current mistakes. You also made us stand for what’s right. To protest and vocalize our support for others that are hurting and in need of help. To fight for equality even when others push and punch you down. 

So yeah 2020, you may be a terrible year, but with every bad thing comes a twisted good thing.

I still hate you though.



Iliana Barreto

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