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Quarantine Quandaries: Recalibrate

Let me tell you, it was barely the beginning of October when I started counting the days until Thanksgiving break.  This may seem strange since we’re all at home now anyway, but I’m sure it’s a relatable feeling.  

I cannot believe how low my standards have fallen, the me from a year ago would drop their jaw.  And so, I’ve come up with a plan and thought perhaps it may be beneficial for others as well, so here I am.  Sharing it with you.

This is something my mother has been doing for years, in a sense.  Some students and teachers may already do this, but I can bet that many do not.  

Go for a walk.  Every day if you can.  Just step out of your door and start moving.  If you immediately start getting tired or cold or simply disgusted with life, turn around and go back  inside.  And try again the next day.  

Maybe some days you’ll only be able to walk down your driveway, and other days you might make it down a couple blocks or even around the entire neighborhood.  

Now, you should still be careful.  Take at least one other person with you if possible.  

The point is … get out of your house.  Maybe it seems like a waste of your time.  Maybe you’re just a bit sluggish or stressed like I am and don’t want to bother like I don’t, but it’s best to de-stress and clear your mind through movement and fresh air.  

And when the air’s not fresh, because we live in Bakersfield where the air is often bad-quality, find a place alone, put in your earbuds, quiet the world and turn up the music, and dance like nobody’s watching.  Maybe try out some yoga on your carpet.  Recalibrate the brain, reset the day, clean the slate.  Who knows?  Could be fun.  

Just imagine, you’re feeling particularly stressed one day and go on your walk for the day.  The sky is cloudy and gray, and the air is cool on your face.  Take some deep breaths.  Stretch out your arms and neck while you continue walking, losing some tension.  Feel the ground your walking on through the soles of your shoes.  Grassy or solid.  Smooth or with gravel.  What sounds are your footsteps making?  Maybe your hands are a bit cold by now, so you put them in your pockets.  Don’t trip now or your hands won’t be able to catch yourself and you’ll scar your face.  You might see trees around the area, and the leaves are rustling, catching the breeze.  Maybe they’re still changing color and falling off, or perhaps the leaves are all gone and there’s only the bare, brittle branches left.  There might be construction happening nearby and you start singing aloud because no one could hear you over the noise anyway.  There’s finally some pep in your step.  Have you started skipping yet?  Maybe spinning a bit.  And now you’re dancing and singing in the streets.  Wait, one of your neighbors has seen you now.  Wow, that’s embarrassing; just keep walking.  Or maybe turn around and go home if you’re tired now.  

You make it back home maybe twenty minutes later thinking about something different from when you left.  Has your brain recalibrated yet?

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