Track Your Money

Juedia Pinales and

For some people it can be hard to be financially secured with your money due to growing up to experiencing it or not knowing how to save. You might even fall into debt and possibly impossible to get out of. Luckly,  there’s ways to avoid this nightmare and learn how to secure your money.

To start, you want to be organized and to track where your money goes. you have to figure out how to optimize on what you spend on by foods, clothes, etc. understand your wants and needs and understand needs are more important than wants, take care of everything you need and use the rest of what you have on wants. It’s important to reduce your spending, and to have a goal and to set yourself a limit or a budget. If you have debt you need to use your money that you’ve saved into it because if you don’t pay it off it only gets worse for you to pay it off, if not in debt, save! It’s good to save your money and to create an emergency fund with the money you’ve saved so far.

Once you’ve kept this up, reflect! Look back on how far you’ve come and the money you’ve saved and how secured you are. You can always repeat these steps and it’s a good method to be more financially secured and debt free. Always be smart with your money and always have a backup plan. you are now financially secured and can start now.