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A Post Covid World

At the moment the world is slowly climbing out of the pandemic. It seems like the world is slowly coming back together. With the vaccine now on the market and everyone available to get it. The cases are starting to fall steadily and restaurants are starting to open up and everything is going back to normal it seems. Even masks have been getting lifted in some respects.

The real question now is what’s the world gonna look like post covid? In my opinion the world will never fully go back to normal not only will we have the problem of covid from now on. Some people are not getting vaccinated and everything will lead to the virus remaining for a while longer. On the other hand after its all gone I can see places being changed. I think its the end of walking into the local McDonald’s and seeing the ketchup dispenser or pile of utensils on the counter. The idea of having big packs of stuff out in the open for the public to take is not going to seem as good now that we have seen how fast that kind of thing spreads covid.

There is also the fact I think masks will be something they will be a thing to last. Even after covid no longer is around and everything is gone people might wear masks out of paranoia. I can see many people being a lot less sociable after being locked away socially distancing some might have enjoyed the isolation. I think those people’s social life is forever damaged to an extent and even now short term people will have a hard time transitioning back into socializing normally. Then there will be other people who have missed people so much they will just try to talk and socialize with anyone they pass.

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