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Harsh Words

 People are dumb. That’s just a fact of society. We’re so quick to believe the next big rumor and forget all logic and context clues that are learned in elementary school. Simple rule following is thrown out the window as soon as they’re told to do something that will benefit them but they still don’t like. Even when the world is in the middle of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC people still refuse to wear a simple covering on their nose and mouth. They avoid it like the plague. Ironic isn’t it.

Now I’m not pointing fingers and maybe if things were different I’d say “You do you spaghetti lads.” and go on with my day. It’s your choice and whatever.


It’s been over a YEAR of this bs, more than a year now! 2021 is almost over and there’s still a lot of people who just don’t wear them. We have vaccines now! You can go get one now if you hate the masks so much! Oh what’s that?…You…you don’t want it? It…it’s microchipped? What? It’ll make you infertile? You already had Covid so you don’t need to take it? You…you don’t have Covid? It goes against your rights? 

*insert keyboard head slam here*

What the f-

You’d think that with the amount of highly trained doctors and scientists saying that wearing masks and taking a simple shot would really help the rise of cases, people would actually listen and have a bit of compassion and actually do it. But we give each other too much credit. We got to face the facts. We’re selfish. We’re cruel. We get defensive when someone gets too close to our food. We are ready to harm others just cause our who’s and beliefs are bruised. It’s like being in a library and instantly getting offended when someone tells you you’re being too loud.

“What?! I’m not loud! You can’t tell me what to do!”

Yes. Yes they can. You’re being disrespectful to others and it sucks. You suck.

So wear your masks everybody! No I don’t mean below your nose, or under your chin(talking to you cheerleader from my psychology class). Don’t complain about wearing them when you don’t even want to get a shot. You’re part of the problem and it shows in the way you retaliate and cough on people.

Does this have any motive or ending? No. Do I remember where I was going with this no. I’m just frustrated about people just not following the rules and getting upset about said rules. If people won’t listen with facts they will listen with words.

Harsh words.

Good day.

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