Trans on Campus

Alex Cardona Zecena

 With school starting up for many it can be hard for transgender students especially coming into a new school or with new teachers, maybe even old ones who don’t know a student is trans. It can be hard for many kids even though now in 2021 we see more love and acceptance for the trans and LGBTQIA+ community. 

Some schools tend to preach that they respect and care for trans students though they have never had a system for them to put in a preferred name or pronoun. Students will either have to hear their deadname (Their birth-name which they don’t use anymore.), and get called their wrong pronouns or they’d have to tell each one of their teachers what name and pronouns they use. 

Even telling teachers can be a big problem though. Some teachers might ignore a name or pronoun change. But maybe teachers will listen to the student and use what the student prefers. It could out a student who has yet to come out to their parents, unless they tell the teacher beforehand. 

Yes transgender students have many problems when it comes to school. But there are ways to help them be more comfortable. Teachers should ask students what they prefer and make sure they use it. Schools should put in place a system for their transgender students or anyone with a name change. Students as well should respect a person’s name and pronouns no matter what. And if you are friends with someone who is transgender make sure to support them.