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Girls’ Bathroom

Jolie Wyatt

On the BHS campus there are many bathrooms. With our campus having eight
buildings, there are lots of bathrooms for people to use. That also means that there are a lot of
opportunities for people to vandalize the bathrooms.

From my observations, just being in the bathroom, there have been a lot of different
things written in the bathrooms. I mostly go to the Warren Hall bathroom, because it’s just the
easiest one for me to get to, and I’ve seen quite a few colorful things written in there.

When I visited the bathroom a week ago, it was covered in messages like “I’m recording
you”, and saying that they’re going to post the recordings on social media. It’s highly unlikely
that these claims had any real credibility, but it was still unsettling to think about. After going
back to see if the threats were still there, they had been erased or washed off in some way.
There were still some smaller messages, but there was considerably less graffiti. So the school
knows about the graffiti, and is actively trying to combat it. But cleaning only goes so far.
Sometimes the comments written on the walls are funny, but other times they’re scary. It
is expected to see initials carved into the stalls, but sometimes things get taken too far. No one
really knows who puts the messages on the wall, and there isn’t really a way to figure out who
does it.

After interviewing some people who have used the girls’ bathrooms on the BHS campus,
the general consensus seems to be that the messages are scary and uncomfortable to see.
There are periods when the graffiti gets bad, and there are times when it’s not super
terrible. The school seems to be trying to combat the graffiti by cleaning it as soon as possible.

This may not prove to be super effective, because there are always people who will add to the
ever growing graffiti that graces the bathroom walls. It remains to be seen what will happen with
the graffiti.

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