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Bakersfield Kidnappings

In Bakersfield there have been many kidnapping attempts, from private to public. Nobody really
knows why it’s happening besides it’s for the kidnappers’ desire.
By Emerson Middle school there was an attempt earlier in the year. Some man tried abducting a
young boy in front of his own mother, while she desperately tried to pull her son back. Not only
can you hear these news, on the news you can hear it from other parents. Most parents aren’t
aware of what’s happening.

KCSO arrested 9 suspects on suspicion of labor trafficking. Based on a suspicion of falsely
imprisoning 16 people, around 8-66 years old for labor trafficking. This includes a man who was
“smuggled” into America from Mexico. The investigation began when a man was hitting a door,
at around 12:39 near Foothill highschool. The man had escaped from a house he was being held
against his own will, with his wife and daughter being held with other 12 people. Seven women
and nine men were rescued, according to KCSO. Five people were charged for 9 felonies of
kidnapping, false imprisonment, human trafficking, labor purposes and child endangerment
including criminal conspiracy. Carlos Manuel Cortez 37, Juan Jose Gonzalez 30, Alexis Medina
26, Ismael Heredia Medina 23, Angel Meza Silvia 25.

Kidnapping attempts raise questions about human trafficking. In Bakersfield a mother was
shopping with her daughter in Northwest Bakersfield when suddenly they were approached by a
store employee. The employee informed the mother that she was being followed and that she’d
be escorted out safely. The “stalker” had tried to grab the daughter but luckily a woman was
blocking him. He claimed that he needs her, loves her and needs to protect her, she needs to go
with him. Later after that he was arrested. The sister shared the story and many comments of
somewhat similar stories came out to the public.

Although benign abducted may be by force it happens in other ways. The abductors portray
themselves as a friend, boyfriend or any way to win the person over. In that way the victim gets
lured into it and isn’t physically taken. These events are happening way more than before. The
danger of kids, teens, and adults is very high. Lastly the stories that may be heard is one a young
teen, 17 years old went missing then later found dead. Second, a boy was walking alone until
some man grabbed him and used him for his needs until he was able to escape. Thirdly two girls
were missing and still havent been found.

These actions of people being taken from their families is a important matter to deal with.
Putting yourself in their own shows from different perspectives can really have you thinking
about how the parents must feel. These people must get caught in order to stop these abductions

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