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Can the Internet have a Negative Influence on Kids?

We live in the 21st century where the internet is everywhere. Anybody of all ages can get access to the internet It’s just the world we live in. But how much influence does it have on the youth of this generation? Is internet influence good or bad for these children, how much does it impact them and what does it mean for the future of this planet and the human species? Could this be a savior or are doom? Anyone has access to the internet, and there is some bad stuff on the internet, but there is a lot of good for the kids to be inspired and have a big impact in their life. Somethings are you get to learn more and more about your hobbies or future careers also the internet lets you communicate with friends and family you haven’t seen or seen often to get in touch with to see how there doing. Some kids do not like watching the news to be honest I don’t like watching the news either but if I have to I will, so like many people we get are news from the internet rather that be social media or alerts on are phone is how we get are news from here in the states and the rest of the world. Research on a certain thing or someone is a helpful thing in this day and age many kids are different and the stuff they look up could be sports, favorite celebrities, hobbies, clothing, or animals ETC research on something that there passionate on can light a spark in there life. nd also in school if they don’t know the answer to something they can look it up on the internet.

There are some super bad and evil things on the internet. Young minds are so feeble the stuff is so bad and cruel it’s going to mess with your psychology. A lot things that come bad when using the internet are, cyberbullying Over 25 percent of teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet kids that are bullied will have depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, and lower academic achievement and all this can lead to suicide and I think nobody would want that. There is a lot of available content on the internet that should not be for kids like adult videos some rap songs or rap videos and extreme violence should not be anywhere around a naïve child. Inactivity is a big one instead of exercising you chose to just sleep and sit on your computer which that can lead to obesity and after that a heart attack. The more you sit on your computer, the less time you give for your studies. A child’s mind is very feeble really doesn’t help rappers are talking guns death drugs and a lot feeble etc. The kids think its cool and they go out there and do it. In my most humble opinion the internet is a useful tool but it has some evil things and people on it. Parents cant be every where monitor their children and see what there doing on the internet its just a matter of knowing what’s right and wrong. But if a kid happens to find a bad thing on the internet they can see it and say I don’t want to watch this or do this its dumb move on with there life never speaking of what they just saw. Especially in this time of social distancing we are looking at screens 24/7 could be are tv’s, phones or computers and what its doing to are brain I cant even imagine so think what it is doing to a child’s mind. As children get older and smarter and the more technology advances will start a global conflict what I mean is in the coming future the next big terrorist attack wont be what happen on 911 or what happen in 2008 at the Taj hotel in Mumbai India that wont happen it will be cyber the youth they are the future of the human species as they get smarter they will advance technology it could be good and it could be bad they are a lot of movies and games that theorize what will happen in the future only time will tell to see is it good or bad for us. The net has been a huge help to people all around the world I feel like we learn more stuff when we use the internet it may be.

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