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An Epiphany on Hair

The other day I looked at myself in the mirror as I prepared for another day at home when I saw a few hairs on top of my lips. The first instinct should be, “Oh! I have facial hair, we can’t have that.” And take it off. But when I looked at myself my thought was, “Oh, I have facial hair. I’d look good with one.” And that’s confidence. It got me thinking though, “What’s up with people hating on women’s body hair?”

Since I can remember there has been a huge disgust for women who have body hair. Whether it be, a bit too much in the armpit or in the legs(why are you looking at her legs you creep), people don’t like women with it and demand them to shave them off because, “A woman shouldn’t be hairy.”. Um okay? What’s the problem if they do? If anything it’s an improvement. Hair works as a blanket, it helps warm your body up when it’s cold, just like fur and wool. However once you take that away, you have nothing to cover from the cold. I know that when I shave my legs I suddenly feel more cold than before. Sure my legs are smooth and shiny and you do get that feeling of looking like a model but all of that means nothing once you go outside, whether you’re wearing pants, shorts, or a skirt, you’ll suddenly feel like you’re in the North pole hanging out with Jack Frost. The things we do for society.

Also why are we against women with facial hair? I’d dig to have one and show it without a care in the world. I think facial hair makes someone look more sophisticated or just really cool. Sure, logically men will have things women can’t and that might also include a cool mustache you can twirl around your finger but is it so wrong to have one if you identify as a woman? Just imagine it though; a woman at the top of her game. She’s independent, has an amazing job, is the boss of said job WITH A MUSTACHE? How cool is that! The amount of power she’d have!

Did this have any sort of importance? No not really. I just really think we shouldn’t worry about whether women have body or facial hair. If anything I think we should normalize it instead of judging them for having some. What harm are they doing? None.

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