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Free Speech Bill

Free speech is a factor people like to talk about nowadays. With the tide of people claiming that the world is censoring or canceling them we often hear free speech brought up. There is some justification in this such as famous people saying heinous stuff and getting their careers squandered over it often will lead to a real talk about free speech and its role in such situations. In the world of politics Republicans constantly adhere to free speech when getting fact checked for their bigoted views. Out of all of it I think the biggest threat to our free speech is coming out of Louisville, Kentucky a new bill passed through senate committee with the intent of making it a crime to insult a police officer.

I don’t think there should be much explanation on that topic. The idea that it will be a crime to even insult someone is ludacris! This crime to me is one of the most anti American things I’ve heard in a long time. We fought against a king who wouldn’t let you question his power for our freedom and now we aren’t allowed to question the police? The bill does state “make it illegal to insult or taunt a law enforcement officer to the point where it could provoke a violent response.” my issue with this is what constitutes a violent response? Everyone can handle stuff differently so if you meet a cop who had a rough day and you make an off hand joke you could be arrested, and that doesn’t sound tyrannical to anyone?

This bill has been described as “needed to protect first responders” but that’s crazy to me. Protecting first responders is what their gun, taser, pepper spray, baton, handcuffs, and their training is meant to do. Now you tell me that with all of that equipment and police training someone insulting you is dangerous and a threat on your life? I think if passed, which i highly doubt it will, that this bill will result in many more police brutality cases!

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