“My Love”


Amis Beth, A Poet

My love

It takes many forms

It creates 

And breaks

It shakes

And it aches

My life, it makes

No one can fake

My love.


It can hate

It can shatter


Or help one discover what really matters


It brings together

You birds of a feather

Who feel for each other

And want one another


It can forgive

It can hold grudges

It can forget

Move that one that never budges


The words it writes

Can resolve your fights

Reach all heights

It sparks, ignites

Stars otherwise never bright


Its a shield that builds bridges

An arrow that pierces hearts

Hidden in the most obscure crooks and ridges

Connects even those that are worlds apart

A result of revolutions

And brilliant minds

Sometimes the only solution

The single sliver of light in the dark, it shines


That’s love

That all can share

And care for

To repair

And to tear


Your love 

That creates

And breaks

It shakes

And it aches

All life, it makes

No one can fake

this beautiful, wonderous, playful, precious love.