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Starbucks Vs Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros or Starbucks? 2 of the most favorite places in Bakersfield. The two biggest
competitors in town. Going head to head in beverages. Starbucks has been around 50 years,
and Dutch Bros has been around for around 30 years. They are very popular in California. I will
say Starbucks is worldwide so that’s a big plus, and on the other side, Dutch Bros is only on the
west coast of the United States so that’s kinda unfortunate. Everywhere you go there’s always
gonna be that one place that everyone loves but is only a local thing and for us, that’s Dutch
Bros. Dutch Bros originate from Grant Pass, Oregon, and now it’s all over the West Coast of the
United States. It became so popular and millions of people go there every day. Here in
Bakersfield, we have 3 locations. One on California Ave, another one on Columbus St, and our
last one is on Calloway Dr. To think Dutch Bros has only been open 1 year in Bakersfield and
it’s already attracted so many people in such a short amount of time it’s truly remarkable.

Dutch Bros has a variety of things. With coffee, cold brews, lemonade, tea, smoothies,
dutch sodas, chai, and dutch blue rebels which is basically their drinks with red bull’s in them.
They’re all fantastic beverages, each with its own distinct flavor. Dutch Bros also have her
seasonal drinks. Their amazing drinks have lines so far back that sometimes we have to wait 30
minutes just to order. With that being said Dutch Bros are so popular that the majority of the
time you have to wait a long time just so you can order. It’s very rare that you go and there’s no
line. Trust me, it’s worth the wait though.

There are some things that I wish Dutch Bros would do. For example, I wish they would
open more locations around town. For the number of people that go there every day, it’s always
packed so more locations would help with that very much. Sometimes their walk-up windows
aren’t open so you have to go through the drive-through and that’s unfortunate for people that
don’t have cars and that walked there.

Another thing that’s one of my favorites is the Dutch Bros app. It’s so easy to use and so
easy to use the points. With those points, you can use them for free drinks. You can see where
all the locations are on the app and get directions directly from the app. You can also pay from
the app. With all of the pros, there are also cons to the app. You can’t pre-order drinks ahead of
time. Which sucks if you are on time restraints. I will give Starbucks that, they are fast and

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