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Online Harrassment

Harassment has always existed. Being harassed for your gender, the color of your skin, who you love; people have always found ways to put other people down. It used to be that people had to say it to your face, talk to other people about you, or even just hurt you to harass you. Now, in this new day and age, people can harass others from behind a screen.

Online harassment has been one of the worst parts of our world’s technological advancements. People get ruthlessly bullied by others, sometimes without ever knowing what happened. It has become too safe for people to gossip about others on social media and online.

With so many different platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, etc., harassment can come in many different forms. The bullying is not always direct – there are not always names involved, or specific people mentioned, but there is a lot of directed content out there.

We can help lessen the amount of online harassment happening by looking at the word with more kindness. Patience is the best way to resolve any conflict or negative feelings towards someone. When we start looking at the world with love, there will be less hate.

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