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Should we have followed the storyline of the cult in Micheal Myers?

Arline Pineda

The new Micheal Myers movie is coming out soon, after they said that it would end last
year. Should we have followed the storyline of The Cult of Thorns, or does the continuation of
this movie make it better? Depending on which version of Halloween: The Curse of Michael
Myers, the cult will vary on what they do. So exactly what is “The Cult of Thorns.”
In Halloween: Season of the Witch, there is a commercial that they put on that
hypnotized people. Michael Myers happens to be a descendent of Enda, who is killed during a
Samhain Festival. If we go back, Enda falls in love with a princess of Ireland. On the day of the
Samhain Festival, she tells him that she won’t marry him, and upon getting angry. He slits her
fiancé’s throat, and stabs the princess in the chest. Which happens to be what happens when
Michael Myers is a kid. When he puts on the mask he stabs Judith in the chest, and slits her
boyfriend’s throat.

During the Samhain Festival, they would burn anything that was considered abnormal or
insane. So when Enda murders the princess and her fiancé, they decide that he will be killed.
They put a curse on his bloodline that would be forever. Then they ripped him, and killed him.
Enda’s bloodline continues to go on; as it turns out Micheal is a descendant of Enda’s bloodline.
When we first see Michael Myers in Halloween, he seems to be six years old when he
kills his sister and her boyfriend. If you read the novel, earlier on the day of his first kill; we see
and read that Michael’s grandmother is telling him a story about the mythical creature the
bogeyman. He starts to tell her that he’s been hearing voices. These voices are telling him that he
should hate people. When she hears him tell her this she gets uneasy because she knows what’s
happening. Micheal’s grandfather had the same thing. They would hear voices telling them what
they should do. It wasn’t just a voice, it controlled them even if they tried to stop it. It was as if it
wasn’t just a sound coming from the back of one’s head, the type of voice that warns you.

This one ordered people from the inside of the mind, just like a trick. After talking with
Micheal; the grandmother goes and tells Michael’s mom and dad. She tells them that it’s a sign, a
sign that the curse is appearing in young Michael. They agree that Michael will start to see a
psychiatrist to help with him. Later that day, it happens to be the evening of Samhain. Which
happens to be the day of Halloween, Micheal comes home from school and puts on his clown
costume so that he could go trick or treating.

When he goes back home after trick or treating. The voices kept telling him to kill Judith.
He put the mask on, and walked to his house. Once he walked in, he obeyed the voices and went
to the kitchen to grab a knife. Walked up, never missing a step, and turned to Judith’s room; were
he committed the crime of murdering her and her boyfriend.

Now you tell me, would you rather have this approach of the story on the continuation of the new one ?

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