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Netflix Changes

Netflix is one of the most used platforms for watching tv shows and movies, they have over 220 million users as of 2022. In the past months netflix has been licensing comedians for 2 years for around 200,00 rather than buying them outright which is also more expensive. For the past time people have been getting a lot of payment , around 1 million, which helped them pay for production costs. Also, Netflix is experiencing some challenges because they have lost around 1 million subscribers in June because of comedy changes in the genre. Netflix has been investing heavily in the comedy genre,  turning itself into one of the leaders in the genre. Many comics have received career booths because of their Netflix comedy specials. Some of Netflix’s specials can also be paid millions of dollars just to do a special. Netflix invests heavily in comedy because that is what people are more interested in and they get paid better money for the subscribers to watch the comedy shows or the genre of comedy. Comedy is an important genre for Netflix but not as effective as their hit series are. Talent agents said Netflix is willing to pay top dollar for comedy specials in the last recent years, vevn from lesser known comics. Which kept other streaming services streaming low . The change could help a lot of streaming platforms like peacock, amazon prime video, and comcast  corps to pitch in for comedians.

Netflix is adding a new advertising tier which could be at 7-9 dollars a month. Which is also half as much as its most popular plan which is 15.49 without any commercials in the plan. The plan is to attract new customers to watch it with ads which they could pay less for than the original plan. They are trying to be careful in reeling it because it is between reaching more cost conscious consumers and while still offering more of a pleasant experience to first time people watching netflix. Netflix is playing to sell about 4 minutes per hour of commercials  for the ad tier, which is far less than any other streaming services that use the ad tier. They will also show ads during before and in between the shows byht never after the show. Netflix also wants to tell adversities that it wants to make smaller deals and not over promise and overwhelm the viewers with the spots of where the ads will take place in the tv shows or movies the viewers might watch.  Netflix plans to release this new advertising tier in the final three months of this year so far, on at least half of dozens of the netflix markets but for the ads tier to be out in all of the tv shows and movies it will take around until early next year. Netflixs plans for all of the advertising tier have begun to tickle out as Netflix makes plans to meet with other business partners. A lot could change to Netflix for adding the new ads tier to its market; they could maybe lose subscribers or gain subscribers.

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