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Ways to Support and Honor Indigenous People


We all have probably heard that Christopher Columbus was the man that “discovered” America and the pilgrims enjoyed a wonderful feast after that. Except that’s only what our history teachers want us to believe. Most times teachers will leave out the brutal slavery indigenous people had to endure in England. So here are some ways you and I can do to, support fellow Native Americans either in your community or outside! 

  1. Educate yourself on the culture of Native Americans. 

It never hurt anyone to stay properly educated and that’s what I’m encouraging you to do as well. A great way that I’ve been using to stay informed about indigenous communities is by visiting the “Reclaiming Native Truth” project page. The whole point of this project is to clear up common misconceptions Americans might have on indigenous people. Also reading books by indigenous authors that accurately cover what happened to Native Americans back then (and in some areas still are) is really important and recommended. Lots of Native people and tribes are discriminated against on a daily basis and it’s horrible, so please educate yourself on the events that are occurring with them whether it’s from a while ago or the current day.

     2. Support indigenous businesses! 

Like I said above to read about Native cultures, you can also actively be reading works from indigenous authors (if you’re a reader like I am). I know I’m progressively diversifying my reading and I encourage you all to do the same. Trust me, there are wonderful books outside of your typical YA white problematic authors *cough* Sarah J. Maas and J.K Rowling *cough*. If you’re thinking of having a great, big, and delicious feast for Thanksgiving consider buying some items from your recipes at indigenous stores! This could also apply to when you’re wanting to purchase Christmas gifts, go ahead and buy some gifts from Native businesses. 

     3. Donate to local Native American organizations. 

A project you can donate to is the First Nations COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund which helps nonprofit Native organizations who are struggling during this pandemic. There are tons of other projects you can donate to and I could be here all day to tell you about them. However, I really encourage anyone reading this to please donate any amount you can to Native tribes either local to you or otherwise. You may not think a little amount of money does anything but it does, it really does! 

Just for some clarification, I do want to say that you should be purchasing from, donating, and supporting indigenous and black-owned businesses on the regular and not just for a specific holiday. 

Anyways, stay safe out there and be respectful of other cultures and if you don’t know much about them, ask! Merry Thanksgiving, wait- is that a saying? Well, it is now!

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