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Increased Violence Against Asians in America

Recently, the Black Lives Matter movement became a very prominent topic in society. The feud between Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter is a continuing problem in America, but the fight for racial justice does not end there. Something that is not talked about nearly as much as the crimes against black people is the increasing crime rate against the Asian population living in America.

This article is in to way trying to take away from the importance of the BLM movement; it is still important now more than ever to keep talking about the racial injustice in America and all over the world. This article is just highlighting the terrible treatment that Asians living in America have received recently.

A very popular instance of a crime against Asians in America is the case of Christian Hall.

Christian Hall was a 19 year old Asian man who was suffering from a mental health crisis on December 30, 2020. It has been suggested that he was thinking of committing suicide. He was armed, but he had his hands up when the police shot him, according to a video that has gone viral across the nation. Hall was shot seven times by the police while he was standing on the overpass to Interstate 80 in Hamilton Township. They had gotten reports of a disturbed man on a bridge. The police who got called in to help said that they shot at Hall after he pulled a gun on them and stopped cooperating, but their statements do not match up with what is seen in the viral video taken of the incident.

The video of Hall being shot has sparked protests from many people online and in person; on the night of Friday, February 12, protestors met up outside of Philadelphia City Hall to protest the death of Christian Hall.

Ben Crump, the same man who represented George Floyd’s family and Breonna Taylor’s family, is now one of the attorneys representing the Hall family.

This case is only one of many instances of the hatred that is directed toward Asians. In today’s age, some people think that racism is gone, or that it stops with African-Americans or Hispanic people. This isn’t true; racism is harmful to many different races and cultures. In order to have a judgement-free society, we have to first start with ourselves. Always check yourself when you are speaking, and if you are wondering if something you have said or done or are about to say or do is okay to, then first, don’t say or do it, and then do research or ask a friend to find out whether or not you can do or say that thing.

This world is far from perfect, but by staying educated and staying cognizant of our actions, we can help to make it a safer place for everyone.

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  • S

    Shay LambieFeb 18, 2021 at 12:59 pm

    I know you are focusing on police violence, but have you considered the increase of hate crimes towards Asians from civilians that’s also happening? There’s a horrific video of a person running up to a very old Asian man and shoving him to the ground that I saw recently. A lot of people (some of which are in my family unfortunately) have decided to use the pandemic as an excuse to be racist idiots.