Words of Love Part 2

Hanan Ahmed

A list of words describing the different feelings of love. Sometimes, it’s hard to express your love for a person or the feeling of wanting and loving something you don’t have. Not everyone has someone in their life that they can hold close and want to love forever. Or have a love for a place they’ve never been to. Though, when someone does, it’s often hard to show how much love and gratitude you actually have. It’s never bad to love too much or have strong longing and desires, and not everyone will share the same feeling and dreams. And that is okay. Everyone has different ways of expressing what they desire or how they want to live their life. You may find comfort in the world where others don’t. Everyone is different and it’s important to embrace that. If you’re lost in thought, feel as if you can’t put your feelings into words, or fall in love with the people or your desires in life: read on you might discover that you’re not alone and there are indeed words that put your innermost feelings into words.
Hiraeth– the feeling of being homesick for a home one is not able to return to; homesickness pertaining to a home that never was. It’s that place that you find yourself daydreaming about, where you one day wish to be able to enjoy and feel comfort in, even though you know that that place you wish to call home never was. Maybe it’s that fictional place, where as close as you can get is from behind a screen or the crisp pages of a book, that fills you up with warmth and in your mind is a place where you find yourself living out your life, when deep down inside you know that it’s impossible. Hiraeth, such a simple word that describes a person’s strong desire to return to a place you call home, where you’re happiest or most filled inside, where you feel your truth self would be able to be free, where your true longings and desires are achieved, but this home you dream of never was really a home you could go back to.
Emophilia – someone who falls in love too quickly Maybe it was just a glance, an act of kindness, or a simple conversation but nevertheless, you fell. You fell in love with the simplest parts of them. The thought of them makes your stomach tie into a knot and a smile appear on your face, even if you have barely gotten to know them. But it doesn’t have to be a person. It can be a place or a thing. A place that makes you feel at home and warm inside. You fell in love with the comfort it gives you within and you grow attached to it. It’s not a bad thing to fall in love too quickly. Being a emophilia just shows you are willing to find the good in others and see the beauty of the world faster than others.
Sarang— the feeling of wanting to be with someone till death. Have you ever looked at someone and thought that you never want to leave their side? You dread the end of the day because you know you’ll have to leave them. The feeling when you realize you would gladly stay in that moment with them forever, not know what will happen to you if they ever leave your side. You don’t have to share these feelings with a partner, it could be strictly platonic. In that moment, your best friend, sibling, or significant other, is the person you want to make lasting memories with forever, for it is them who you feel have uplifted you and made you feel loved. It is them who you want to create cherishable memories with and be in their presence, even till death.