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Shawn Mendes: Music Overview

While stuck inside for the past handful of months, I think we have all went through our old phases and looked back on the past just to sigh and remember how easier it seemed. I had a moment of nostalgia when I started listening to old Shawn Mendes music again last month. It just hit home for me because growing up around 2012-2013 when Vine and Magcon were such a big thing for everyone, It just seemed so pure and everyone just made the dumbest videos they could to make people laugh and others weren’t as openly hateful as they are now, and the truths of the world are being revealed and it’s different now.

Though the world is going through a ROUGH “glow up” right now it feels good to look back on good times. Back to the train of thought… I was listening to old Shawn Mendes music and it made me a little emotional because it was almost like everyone who listened to him grew up with him and I think he’s just very inspirational. His story is really inspiring because he made it a point that with support or not he would achieve his goal of being a songwriter and singer and that always sticks with me. While listening to his old music I slowly exposed myself to his newer music and very quickly got hooked again, it felt like I was a little kid again and I just let myself be consumed by the music. So here is a playlist of my favorite Shawn Mendes songs, old and new.

Bad Reputation (illuminate) 2016

Act Like You Love Me (handwritten) 2015

Mercy (illuminate) 2016

Imagination (handwritten) 2015

Life Of The Party (life of the party) 2014

I Know What You Did Last Summer (handwritten) 2015

Where Were You In The Morning? (shawn mendes) 2018

Wonder (wonder) 2020

305 (wonder) 2020

Call My Friends (wonder) 2020

Always Been You (wonder) 2020

Look Up Stars (wonder) 2020

Monster (wonder) 2020

Song For No One (wonder) 2020

After listening to his newly released album, “Wonder” about a million times, I watched his documentary titled “Shawn Mendes: In Wonder” and it just deepened my love for him and his music. I know this just sounds like a Shawn Mendes obsession piece but I think it’s more that I’ve learned to look on the past and appreciate it as much as I do the present and future. The main thought I got from writing this is that after all these years, his story still inspires me and it’s amazing to see him growing as a person and showing it through his music. It’s really a grounding experience when you realize someone who’s looked at as an idol is just human and their idea of success may be different than yours but the start, the little words we all say to ourselves when we’re passionate about something is the same, and it’s what keeps me from separating myself from the people I look up to in the media.

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