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The Future Is Female: Songs that Represent Female Empowerment

Arline Pineda


The idea of feminism – like many other important topics – is becoming more of a widespread, mainstream idea with each new day. Society as a whole is becoming more accepting towards women, recognizing that females are capable of so much more than household chores and raising children.

One of the main reasons the idea of female empowerment is becoming so widely accepted and appreciated is music. Powerful female artists such as Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are spreading the much-needed idea of women loving and accepting themselves, and the fact that women are very intelligent, capable creatures who do not need a man in order to find out who they truly are.
Many female artists are also bringing awareness to the horrible double standards in our society, and pointing out the harsh, unacceptable ways women have been treated since the beginning of time.

Women are becoming more and more inspired to just be themselves and not dress up in order to please everyone around them, and one cause of this is heart-filling, soul-strengthening music.

There is an enormous amount of songs that spread the important concept of girl power, but to narrow it down here’s a list of ten songs that have helped spread the important message of female empowerment:

Just a Girl – No Doubt
Infused with satire and a means for change, this 90’s feminism anthem rocked the decade. In the song, Gwen Stefani (No Doubt’s lead singer), points out common stereotypes about females, including roles women are forced to play and rules they’re supposed to follow. The empowering tune begins with the verse: Take this pink ribbon off my eyes; I’m exposed and it’s no big surprise, automatically pointing out the fact that women are thought to be weak, and thus excluded from “stressful” or “dangerous” conversations and activities, and, of course, that the second sex is identified with color pink, which to most people resembles weakness and all things “girly”. Just a Girl is an empowering masterpiece geared towards bringing the topic of feminism to the surface and making sure it stops infiltrating the minds of so many people.

Run the World (Girls) – Beyoncé
If this song doesn’t scream power, then I don’t know what does. At one point in the song, Beyoncé raps: Boy, you know you love it how we smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business. In just one verse, Queen Bey manages to sum up the important fact that women are intelligent, powerful, capable creatures. I’m sure that many people became feminists by simply listening to this track. After all, when Beyoncé says “Who run the world?…Girls!,” you really have no choice but to agree with it.

Woman Up – Meghan Trainor
M. Train has many feministic bops, but Woman Up is probably the most powerful of them all. Throughout the song, Meghan Trainor makes sure that girls everywhere know that confidence shows and that they look beautiful no matter what. Meghan also makes sure that girls know they don’t need a man in order to love themselves. Woman Up is a truly inspirational song that should be on every feminist’s playlist.

Ain’t Your Mama – Jennifer Lopez
Not too long ago, women were thought to only be useful for doing chores and running households, and sadly, in some parts of the world women are still treated this way. However, J. Lo. makes it perfectly clear in this song that women were not put on this planet to just cook and clean and please men. The song opens with the lyrics: I ain’t gon’ be cookin’ all day, I ain’t your mama; I ain’t gon’ do your laundry, I ain’t your mama. The music video that goes along with the song shows many different scenarios in which women (specifically J. Lo. herself) are sexualized and mistreated, adding a deeper meaning to the lyrics and the song itself. Ain’t Your Mama is a powerful bop that everyone (men included) needs to listen to.

Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya
In Sit Still, Look Pretty, Daya claims that she doesn’t need a man, along with stating that women are not meant to do chores all day and are made for so much more. An upbeat, heartfelt track, this song is much-needed female empowerment-wise.

Strip – Little Mix
Okay. If this isn’t the feel-good song of the century, I don’t know what is. If you ever feel like you’re not worth anything or you’re a woman in desperate need of some advice about self-love, this is the song for you. Not only do the powerful women of Little Mix address the topics of self-love and feminism; they also talk about the LGBTQ+ community and racism, incorporating raw emotion and inspiration into the track. Strip is an absolute masterpiece that is important for everyone to listen to because of the topics it covers, the issues it addresses, and because it’s just an amazing, mood-lifting tune.

Not Your Barbie Girl – Ava Max
Ava Max has many powerful, much-needed songs about feminism and self-love, and Not Your Barbie Girl is just one of them. The song is sampling Barbie Girl by Aqua (which is really not about feminism at all and is a pretty trashy song), but Ava put a fresh, classic spin on the track by changing the words to: Not your barbie girl, I’m living in my own world. I ain’t plastic, call me classic. You can’t touch me there, you can’t touch my body unless I say so; ain’t your barbie no, no. It’s an empowering song that definitely points out double standards and the ludicrous expectations that society has for women.

Woman – Kesha
Not only is this track one that makes you want to get up and dance; it’s an anthem. And if this anthem had a bedroom door, there would be a sign that reads: Girls only! Kesha claims (in the song) that she doesn’t need a man to be holding her too tight, and that she buys her own things and pays her own bills. If you’re having a girls’ night out and looking for something to scream your lungs out too, this is the right song for you.

The Man – Taylor Swift
This powerful tune points out many stereotypes and double standards that women feel the weight of practically every day. Infused with just the right amount of harshness and female empowerment vibes, this song is very female-representative. Taylor Swift makes it perfectly clear that women are just as capable as men are when it comes to business and other things in life.
Don’t Call Me Angel – Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, & Lana Del Ray
You take three female superstars, put them in a studio, tell them to write a theme song for a female empowerment film, and what do you get? You get a masterpiece filled with empowering vocals and lyrics. Miley Cyrus belts out these lyrics with passion and makes it very clear that women run the world and don’t need any men in order to do it: I make my money, and I write the checks, so say my name with a little respect; all my girls successful, and you’re just our guest. Wow! This is a great song, perfect for any girl who desires to feel empowered.

That’s My Girl – Fifth Harmony
Boys Will Be Boys – Dua Lipa
Woman – Doja Cat
Pretty – Ingrid Michaelson
Woman’s World – Little Mix
Fall in Line – Christina Aguilera & Demi Lovato

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