Trending Halloween Costumes

Nicole Gonzalez

It’s Spooky season! Which means fall, and Halloween!
So lets talk about Halloween costumes, the second to best part
about Halloween, the first is obtaining the candy of course. Picking
out ideas for a Halloween costume can be kind of tough, especially
not wanting to pick the costumes that are overused. For example,
The angel and devil costume, totally seen every single year. I had a
questionnaire on my instagram for the best trending Halloween
costumes and costume ideas, here’s what was said 🙂
1. Lola Bunny! (Space Jam)
2. Micheal Myers :0
3. A Cat Boy :’)
4. Ghost with sunglasses
trend 😛 (couple or group)
5. Marceline and
Princess Bubblegum
6. Inflatable Costumes
(group costume) 🙂
7. Among Us characters
(group costume) 😀
8. Optimus Prime!
9. Harley Quinn!
10. Corpse Bride & Victor
(couples) 🙂
11. Coraline & Wybie (friends
Or couples)
12. Other Mother (Coraline)
13. Hotel Translivana-
Mavis & Jonathan
(couples costume)
14. Killer clowns
(couples or group costume)
15. Chucky and Tiffany (couples)
16. Joker (regular/nurse)
17. Alice and mad hatter 🙂
18. Power Puff Girls