Safety During Spooky Season

Jolie Wyatt

As we head into this Spooky Season, we have to cover the basics, safety! We have all heard the horror stories of razor blades in a candy bar and drugged candied apples, but let’s learn to avoid these things. Here’s a list of the top five things you should do to stay safe this Halloween!

1. Use flashlights or glow sticks. When it gets dark it’s hard to see your surroundings, using flashlights or glow socks can illuminate your path and help you see what you need!2. Obviously, wear your mask! Vaccinated or not we need to protect ourselves and others from all airborne illnesses. Remember just because you are vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t get sick! 3. Use the buddy system. Even though you might feel safe and comfortable, there are chances that you aren’t when you’re alone.4. Plan out your night. Always know what you’re going to do with you night. Make sure you know your plan and stick to it. 5. Social distancing procedures. Even though you wear a mask that doesn’t mean you don’t have to distance yourself from a crowd.

Remember to stay safe and happy spooky season!!